Manage your marketing budget, spend it on campaigns and generate TONS of leads.

Build Target Groups

Target anyone you want to advertise to by segmenting and building groups.

Run Campaigns on selected group

Use any channel to drive campaigns and track them with AWESOME campaign effectiveness reporting.

Generate Leads for those Campaigns

Automatically assign those leads to the right people in your organization.


Provide your sales force with an easy to use process that provides visibility, discipline, and guidance.

From Leads all the way to Quotes

Let SAP tell you which leads to focus on with the "Deal Finder"
Take those leads and convert them to opportunities, in one click.

Find the relevant deals

Use attributes from campaign responses to understand the purchasing goals better, then use that to score each lead.

Manage All Sales Activity

Progress deals with discipline using the "Activity Advisor" in Opportunities.

For each sales phase, define which: Emails to send, Appointments to set, Tasks to assign.

Cloud for Customer will then remind you as you progress opportunities.

Find the Decision Maker

It's all about who you know, right? Problem solved with the "Influencer Map".

Find people that can "influence" the decision maker when its time to close the deal. Knowing how far away your connections are from the center of the decision making capability is KEY. And pretty awesome to look at too, eh?

Plan Site Visits

If you're in retail, manage Visits like a BOSS.


Service proactively with social media or any other channel, and bring the 360 degree view of your customers to life!

Organize Support Request

Tickets coming from all over the place!

From Various Channels

Interact with customers on Social Media, from CRM.

Computer Telephony Integration · CTI

Live Chat with clients to save everyone time.

Save even more time through fantastic integration with telephony and email.

Even track Service and Repair.


With such a rich reporting capability, measure anything and everything.

Get Insight into Operations

From the mother of all dashboards!

Using countless reporting templates

Over 200 standard reports in Cloud for Customer.
Report how you want and where you want.